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Four and 20 (or so) Questions with Hot Rock Supa Joint

Valley stoner rap guru Hot Rock Supa Joint took some time out of his busy day to answer some pressing questions in honor of 4/20, which apparently is some sort of weed holiday. You really have to spend some time in HotR ock's presence to get a true feel for...
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Valley stoner rap guru Hot Rock Supa Joint took some time out of his busy day to answer some pressing questions in honor of 4/20, which apparently is some sort of weed holiday. You really have to spend some time in HotR ock's presence to get a true feel for this man, and perhaps a contact high, but his humor, his honesty, and his high-ness is definitely for real and, as the kids say, dope as _______ (insert your favorite expletive).

Sit back, spark one up (if you are so inclined), and enjoy the ride. Hot Rock Supa Joint definitely does. Hot Rock is one of the hardest working musicians, videographers, and emcees in town. Catch him at his birthday party on Sunday, April 20, at the Lost Leaf with a veritable bong load of killer bands.

Up On The Sun: Why weed?

HotRock SupaJoint: Cause weed is awesome. Cause weed is the shit. Cause one a my homies said to me somethin' like (while passin' that fatty) "Yo Hot Rock. Ya jus' gotta write about what ya love an' what's in ya heart mang." An' I be all like " Yeah, yo. Word."

Do you even know when you are high anymore? If so, how?

High is like normal to me at this point, so it'd be easier to say I fuckin' know when I ain't as high as I wanna be an' it be time to get high again. I know when I start droppin' my dope ass slang yo, or wakin' up, it be time to load that bowl.

What are your thoughts on Colorado and Washington legalizing weed? I think I gotta get me a couple summer homes, homie. Jus' the tip of the iceberg an' shit. The SupaBowl thing was kinda funny, like God be riffin' and confirmin' how smart it is to let peeps smoke the weed. And when that weed money starts rollin' in, all the states gonna be sayin "Yo, where our weed money yo!"

How does Johnny Law feel about you?

I accidentally fucked that dude's chick back in the day, so we don't hang much now. Dope ass guitar player tho. He was pretty cool. Yeah. I fucked that up.

What are your plans for 2014?

Smoke more weed. ... I wanna be on the cover of the High Times magazine still. Ain't got that yet. Pump out some EPs, and keep workin' with eva' one I can, yo. Make more videos. I wanna hang out with some dope as supastar stoners like BReal an Snoop an Wiz and Jay an Silent Bob. That would be totally cool, yo.

Do you have a favorite strain? Do any particular flavors let the words rain from your brain like big green train or a Stony Mark Twain?

No. I love all the weed. I ain't prejudgin' any weed yo. I jus' wanna get high. All that strain shit is too strainin', yo. Just gimme some weed. Killer weed? Cool. Reggie? Cool. But you, yo! You should drop a bar or two on my new album an' shit homie. That was a dope ass little rhyme there, yo.

Do you have any beefs with other rappers?

I would love to share a steak dinner with Ninja an Yolandi from Die Antwoord, but they be vegans, so that prob ain't eva gonna happen. That would be cool to get high with them... over salads. Sometimes I grab a burger after a gig, and if other rappers wanna get some too, we do.

Video has been a great medium for come?

'Cause I look dope as fuck an' the people of earth know, yo. I love the fact that we can feed music an' ideas to peeps thru they eyeballz. Man, I wanna be like in all mediums. Most my vids are made with a easy concept and who eva' I can get to help on a day or two notice. Pound em out, so we can start workin' on the next. I get bored when projects drag on, so gettin' shit done quick is the key, before I wanna more on to somethin else. I love fuckin' with video, and art, and all the avenues that music allows, ya know? It's funny, 'cause we put out, like, seven videos so far, and still the biggest hit on Youtube is Volkom and my "happy bday" song, and that post just has the album cover on it. Me and the Firehouse crew made a vid for the song, but the original post of the song... Come to find out some little One Direction fan linked it for one of the dudes from One Direction b-day on her tumblr page last year, and the shit blew up for a day or two as all these kids played with this little web page with the dude from One Direction's face on it, with a dumb little drawn in bday hat, and as ya dragged his face around, little tracers were left and Supa Joint's Happy Bday on youtube was linked an played over this whole thing. I guess dude and the other dude in the band were photoed on a yacht gettin' high and now when one of their b-days roll around, that song gets a little virtual bump. The interwebs be so weird.

How do you stay motivated when you are clearly stoned all the time?

'Cause I gotta get that weed money, yo! Supa Joint is my weed wallet. I be doin' this to get high yo. So when I be giggin', or makin' vids or whateva, I be like, aw yeah... makin' that cash, yo. Gonna score that weed. An' lets face it. The shit writes itself, homie. When I be rhymin' about weed while I be on the weed, shit just flows. It ain't like rocket science or quantum calculus an shit. It's dope rhymes about weed. But I read Carl Sagan got high, so bein stoned don't mean ya ain't motivated. Michael Phelps mothafuckaz!!

Where do you find the gold pants?

My lady, Baby K, totally scores all my dope ass threads at the thrift stores an shit. What I be wearin' right now be totally fuckin' radical dope shit, an' she spent like 20 bucks or somethin' like that. Most my pants are chick pants, cause I wanna rock my style low tight open and like totally with my cock out, and dude pants just don't fit right on my skinny-ass ass. My shirts be western style cause they got snaps and I can rip that shit open when I perform like I be tryin' to get the chicks in the audience to do the same.

Who does your hair? It's awesome.

Baby K keeps me lookin' dope, yo. She always be tellin' me to wash that funky ass shit, but I don't, so she do and puts like that shiny spray and coll hair product shit into it.

But fo real, yo. This be a wig mang. I wanna be the fakest rapper eva. My tats are fake, my hair be a fake. My mustache is real an my love a weed is real, so evathang else is just the packagin'. I wanna be the dopest rapper of all time, and I know that I gotta make it ova the top and turnt up an shit. I don't wanna do this wrapped up in a t-shirt and jeans, ya dig? If I'm gonna be the dopest rapper I'm gonna be wrapped up in fuckin' POW an' BLAM, yo! I'm, like, 6-foot-ten in this getup, yo! Peeps see me, cause this is the real world an' not an NBA convention, an' they know this shit is dope, so they wanna hang and smoke and take pics an catch my flow or whateva. BLAM! In ya face!

What are your thoughts on gold teeth?

I'd rather spend that cash on weed. But that's just me, yo. Peeps gonna do what they wanna do an' I ain't about stoppin' that. I ain't got plans to grill up anytime soon if that's what ya be askin'.

Favorite neighborhoods to score weed in Phoenix?

I don't score weed anymore, weed scores me. Downtown is my preferred hood.

Do you remember what it was like when it was hard to score weed in the summertime? How did you cope?

I'm hooked up bro. I don't know remember what that be like, yo... Prob cause I'm high. That was a long ass time ago. I can't remember the last question, and ya be askin' me about summer. An a long time ago summer, yo. I probably jus' slept till I got more.

Do you smoke resin?

I have. I will if necessary. Why, you got some resin? If ya out of weed, the resin is like that one more day till I hook up, yo. It's like emergency water. Well, I can crack open that pipe and smoke that shit if I gotta. But I usually don't. 'Cause I'm HotRock Supa Joint, yo. An I always got weed.

Hash or keef?

Why, what ya got? Let's do em both yo!

First rhyme you ever busted? Were you high at the time?

ABCs was prob the first rhyme. I wasn't high, then. I always been rhymin', but I got real with the shit in 2010. "I'm the shit" was the first one and I was high as fuck when I busted that shit out.

Do you have your green card? If so, how did you get it?

You mean my MMJ card or my "I ain't from around here" card? Cause I don't got either, yo. I keep meanin' to do that shit, then I just get high an' forget to.

What could make you give up weed?

Death. But then I'm jus' gonna start again in Heaven with Louis Armstrong an' Carl Sagan.

Would you stop smoking weed if you were promised a Grammy to do so?

That sounds like some Illuminati shit and I ain't down for that. But that's the shit they pull to fuck with artists an shit. Fuckers.

Quick, if weed was an acronym, what would it stand for?

Wats a anacronym? Lemme goog that shit.

If weed be a anacronym, it would be like WHAT EVABODY ELSE BE DOIN' ANYWAY AN' SHIT. Free the weed yo!

Ever play a Potmitzvah? You know, the first time a boy tries weed?

Not yet. That'd be weird, but who knows. Maybe in a couple a years when the shit is legal, and we understand that bein' a smoker don't make ya dumb, maybe there might be a market for that. Sounds like a hotel lounge gig, and I don't know about that yo. I hope the little homies figure out how to be cool an' smart an' cure cancer an make that cash so when they grow up, an' they body is an adult, an' they be makin' that fat cash, the weed is gonna be sooo much better than that shit they would gotta smoke to deal with that dropout McDonald's job, ya dig? Follow ya dreams little homies. Be cool. Word.


HotRock SupaJoint: Thanks again homie. Let's get high real soon yo.

Hot Rock Supa Joint is scheduled to play Lost Leaf on Sunday, April 20.

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