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Four Great Songs for Dispensing Parental Philosophy

When you are a certified music junkie like I am, you tend to weave music in and out of life. It influences every area of your existence.

Does that mean music is part of my parental philosophy? Of course. It's one of my greatest tools. In fact, I find that music can do a lot better job of getting a point across than the Old Man lecturing, or pontificating, or rambling about the way things ought to be.

The trick is, you have to find the right songs...because like Charles Barkley, rock and roll musicians ain't meant to be role models. If you are going to use rock music, you have to make sure the artist/lyric/song fits your philosophy as a parent.

Stick around, and the ol' Parent Hood will enlighten you with some of the wisdom of rock and roll.

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Steve Wiley
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