Fox News Gets Kinda Fucked Up

Most of the time, this fact is blatantly true and indicative of the über-conservative "fair and balanced" news channel. For all intents and purposes, 98 percent of what is aired on Fox News is "fucked up." However, what I am specifically referencing is Damian Abraham -- lead singer of Toronto punk rockers Fucked Up -- making an appearance on Fox News' late-night show Red Eye. The show is hosted by the utterly intolerable Greg Gutfeld, a grown man who talks like a spastic 8-year-old whose mother has given him a Fun Dip (or Lik-M-Aid) -- and Gutfeld's exuberance was in fine form while interviewing Abraham. My mind was a blown to know Fucked Up was actually on Fox News last Thursday night and I thank those diligent bloggers (and their assistants) over at Stereogum for bringing this my attention. This appearance is perfectly timed, because Fucked Up is slated to play Phix this Tuesday night. Revel in the odd glory that is Damian "Pink Eyes" Abraham on a conservative news channel.

I sat through all 5:11 of that interview, even though I wanted to turn it off once Gutfeld opened his mouth and started to talk. Can Fox News not even get someone halfway tolerable to host their looser-more-geared-toward-a-demographic-that-isn't-45-year-old-rich-white-men talk show? Abraham is a champ, though, in talking with Gutfeld. He is enjoying himself and most likely thinking in his head, "I can't fucking believe they let me on Fox News to show off the glass that's still lodged in my forehead." At any rate, I think it's pretty decent of Fox News and Red Eye to make it all happen. Damian Abraham is a pretty affable dude, as well as being a bizarrely entertaining performer. Who knew anyone on staff at Fox News listened to music like Fucked Up? Let it be known, however, that Fucked Up is from Toronto, and Abraham isn't without his delightfully Canuck colloquialisms (calling it "university" instead of "college"). Intrigued by the glass in Damian Abraham's forehead? Wanna see the big fella live and in person? Come out to Phix on Tuesday. I'll see you there.

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