Franco Gagliano Talks Legends of The Mason Jar, Past and Present

On his Facebook "About" page his education reads Università DI Napoli "Federico II." Under work it reads "Music Production" and that he is the President at "Salf Enploy," which is how it would sound phonetically when Franco Gagliano says it.

When the "Legends of the Mason Jar" show which reunites bands who played the club in the early Eighties (Lucy LaMode from Killer Pussy is flying in for it!) was announced, we were thrilled that Franco's rare public appearance as an MC of the show afforded us an opportunity to talk with him for a feature, probably the first time ever that New Times interviewed him beyond getting his reactions for a news story about the club.

Legends of the Mason Jar is scheduled for Friday, September 20 at Anvil (the former Mason Jar.)

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Serene Dominic
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