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Franz Ferdinand Singer Calls Epic "Arrogant Motherfucking Pig-Brained Arseholes"

Epic Records, owned by Sony, evidently allowed McDonald's to use a Franz Ferdinand song without checking with the boys first. Lead singer Alex Kapranos was less than pleased about the decision. While he did state, "I'd rather eat a cowpat on a bun than a bloody McDonald's," he's actually far more upset with Epic and Sony. While he believes that McDonald's has done nothing more than behave the way a "psychopathic corporation" does, he still can't place the blame on them. He goes on to say, "[I] don't really hate McD's. Don't want to eat them either. If I hated anyone it'd be the twat at Sony, but even then . . ." Looks like they may have messed with the wrong Brit.
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Sarah Ventre