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Free Album Download: Phoenix - Live in Sydney

Do you you like free music? Do you like French rockers Phoenix? If you answered yes to either, then today is your lucky day. Thomas Mars & co. have made a recent live recording, Live in Sydneyavailable for a free download. The eight-song offering spans 38 minutes and features songs solely from the band's Grammy-winning 4th album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. I'll tell you this much: The 11 minute version of "Love Like a Sunset" is worth the price of admission, which just so happens to be free.

Perhaps you were in attendance when Phoenix played the Marquee Theatre in February and want to remember the glory of seeing the band play? Perhaps you weren't there, like me,  and want to hear what the band sounds like live? Whatever the case may be, Live in Sydney is available for free download now.

Perhaps you don't agree with Cranky Pants' Martin Cizmar's review of Phoenix's show at the Marquee. It's okay if you don't -- I didn't either. Live in Sydney, then, offers listeners a chance to decide for themselves what the band sounds like live and even gives hints at lead singer Thomas Mars' rapport with his audience. Obviously, seeing the band live in person is one thing, but this recording is a pretty solid take on what they can sound like live. I, personally, haven't seen them play any songs from Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix live, so I relish this opportunity to hear it.

The free (192 kbps mp3) download of Live in Sydney is available via

Live in Sydney tracklist:

01 Lisztomania
02 Lasso
03 Fences
04 Girlfriend
05 Armistice
06 Love Like a Sunset
07 Rome
08 1901

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