French Girls: Oddball Lyrics, Purring Delivery

As 2012 draws to a close, we'll be looking forward to the 2013 and spotlighting 13 Phoenix bands that will be making a mark on the Southwest throughout the new year. Today Anthony Sandoval pops in and checks out the rambunctious rock 'n' roll of Francophiles French Girls.

The Phoenix foursome, French Girls, follow a familiar formula in their punky approach to rocking out: Stripped down chords played at a vivacious pace.

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Harkening back to the early "Blitzkrieg Bop" days of punk rock, this local crew has a knack for catchy melodies and sing-a-long-friendly chants that is fun to listen to in any setting. Singer and bassist Che Beret and drummer Chiffon Baton are the lovely ladies anchoring the rhythm section, while the balls of the band, Jean Jacques Clouseau III and Michel Ouioui, churn out grinding guitar riffs and wailing backup vocals.

With aptly French-inspired nom-de-plume's, not to mention oddball lyrics, foot stomping beats, and Beret's purring delivery, there's plenty to enjoy at a French Girls show. Individually, these rockers are no strangers to our increasingly impressive music circuit but this particular lineup is relatively new on the block.

Since their debut in March they have managed to string along several shows across the Valley, setting up what should be an exciting upcoming year. With a vixen of a woman at the helm, Beret and company are a local lock for Phoenix artists you need to know in 2013. Get ready for more 1-2-3 drumstick click-clacks and howling, "oh, oh, oh's."

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