Ernie, flashin' the bling

Fresh Emo Rap

Well, I guess "emo rap" is a bit insulting, but my friends in

Who Cares

(who are Sacto-based but spend a lot of time in the 'Nix) pretty much wear their hearts on their sleeves, especially Ernie, the group's MC. I hadn't heard from them since their awesome

Blunt Club

appearance several months back (where saxophonist Jammal blew my mind before the show with some fragrant smoky shit), but just got a shout from them as well as a couple songs, one old and one new. I wish I could say that they had an AZ gig coming up, but there's nothing scheduled for now so these MP3's will have to suffice until you get the chance to check their amazing live show. Enjoy...

"The Winter Came Back":

"Scarecrow and the Magpie":


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