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Friendly Fires: Pala

As the album sinks in more and more, I realize how thankful I am for a band like Friendly Fires. Their take on indie/dance rock is refreshing, like a revamped version of an early Cut Copy. Lead singer Ed MacFarlane is in a class all his own these days -- his exuberant vocals throughout Pala remind me of his lively stage presence. The band sounds like they have the best time ever whenever they perform, and nowhere is that more evident than throughout their latest effort, Pala.

What the critics are saying:

M is for Music: The album is summery, vibrant and you almost feel the sun's UV rays hitting your back. If you were at a white sanded beach party with a beautiful tropic sun set in the background, this is the album to have playing.

The Guardian: Tracks sip pina coladas, gaze into sunsets and adopt Kajagoogoo-gooey harmonies and descending Syndrum patterns in an apparent revamp of Club Tropicana.

BBC Music: Friendly Fires have already proved themselves, but this second effort is a mighty step upwards. It is another terrific, clattering celebration of an album that sounds nothing like its peers, but hopefully will be rewarded with sales to dwarf Lady Gaga's.

NME: Big, bounteous of hook and packed with more senseless beauty than an acre of rainforest, Pala offers the sort of agreeable nonsense every good summer needs as its soundtrack. Dig out those short shorts, and get on it already.

Pala is out now via Beggars.

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Michael Lopez