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From Ashes Rise

You wonder how being on a wimpozoid emo label like Jade Tree sits with these Tennessee-via-Portland hardcore erupters -- and vice versa, where their PR department has to dispatch terms like "bad asses." Knowing that these brunos could lay waste to the label's entire striped-shirt roster with a few time signature changes may be the reason Jade Tree's Web site pedantically redirects fans like chess club nerds ignoring the stoners in the study hall ("The typically non-tech heavy Portland-based From Ashes Rise have gone done pulled a shocker. We couldn't be more thrilled to announce that from this day forward you can track the band and their various illicit activities via their very own MySpace account," presumably where they can slug it out with wimps like "Tom" and "Rebecca"). It's up to you to decide whether self-obsessed namby-pamby confessionals provide a better catharsis than good brawling songs like "Bloodlust," "The Inner Beast" and "Hell in the Darkness." But as far as aggro goes, this foursome will be in more turbulent company with fellow Portland punkers The Observers and the Motörhead-ish Coliseum.
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Serene Dominic
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