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Fucked Up Singer Pink Eyes Writes Arizona Op-Ed For Stereogum

If you have any doubts about just how crazy big this whole SB 1070 controversy is, consider this: Fucked Up singer Pink Eyes (a.k.a. Damon Abraham) wrote an op-ed on the subject for highly influential music blog Stereogum. You know, the Webby-winning Zeitgeist-capturing music blog all the cool kids love. This followed the Twitter war between Abraham and Canadian indie-poppers Stars, as reported on Pitchfork. When's the last time Pitchfork had anything to say about AZ?

Abraham argues bands play Arizona now more than ever -- something our columnist Stephen Lemons, who has always been the first and best reporter on this law, might disagree with.

A taste of Abraham's essay is below. Read the full text here. Also do yourself a favor and read Lemons' column about the boycott, which points out how effective the MLK Day-related boycotts of the '90s were.

The fact is, this was a ugly divisive issue across the state and that there are a huge number of people in Arizona that were bitterly opposed to the legislation and are now disgusted that it has been made law.

I think instead of boycotting Arizona, bands should make a point of going there now more then ever. They should use whatever profile they have to address the issues around this law by talking about it in the local press.

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Martin Cizmar
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