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Fujiya & Miyagi

Go ahead and count the number of British musicians who came to the Valley in the past year — you may even be able to count them on both hands. It's a low number, thus making the stop by Brighton boys Fujiya & Miyagi all the more intriguing. Their name is peculiar (derived from a brand of record player and a character from The Karate Kid), but don't let it fool you. The band plays a mellow, cocky style of indie/electro music with plenty of panache, giving their songs credibility that is manifested in the band's hyper-cool, pseudo-serious demeanor. David Best, also known as "Miyagi," leads the way with his cool, calm, and seemingly detached vocals, coating the band's sound with layers of audacious bravado. It's a necessary evil, too, because Fujiya & Miyagi are an interesting collection of nerdy English gents who have a clear passion for making fun, cocky electronic music. The attention to detail is ever present in Fujiya & Miyagi's sound — one that is hard to resist once they get you under their spell.

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Michael Lopez