fun. Stream New Record, Some Nights; Headed to Zia Records on February 22

Doesn't matter if you're like me and have been mostly indifferent to fun. in the past, the band's new single, "We are Young (featuring Janelle Monáe)" has been inescapable over the past few weeks. The song's huge, and sounds like it was custom built for a car commercial (and yeah -- that's why you've heard it so much).

The song is hardly alone in its "epicness" on Some Nights, the forthcoming record from the band (featuring Format-member Nate Ruess). Due in stores and online on Tuesday, February 21, Fueled by Ramen has launched a SoundCloud profile, allowing listeners a chance to stream the whole thing in advance of the record's upcoming release and Wednesday, February 22 stop at Zia Records in Chandler.

Clearly, this a band with sights aimed on breaking out in a huge way. In addition "We Are Young's" guest vocals from pop-futurist Janelle Monáe, the record features pop tracks like "All Alone" bolstered by interesting canned-horn section work, the looping "One Foot," and the vocoder-assisted, power-poppy "It Gets Better" (which doesn't sound like it has a lyrical connection to the LGBT youth organization It Gets Better Project, but I dunno).

If you were to ask me, the record sounds like it's got all the makings of a pop hit. Could we be Twitter mocking this thing next year at the Grammys?

fun. is scheduled to perform and sign autographs at Zia Records in Chandler on Wednesday, February 22.

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