The Inimitable George Tabb

Furious George

What seems like a million years ago — but was really just half-a-lifetime, when I was 15 or 16, I was a faithful/fanatical reader of

Maximum Rock N Roll

. If you don't know, it was the bible of

punk rock

, a newsprint compilation of all the obscurities, anomalies, and effigies that made up the punk rock underground.

The best part, for me, were the columns (and now, almost two decades later, I'm a columnist). My favorite, by far, was by a guy named George Tabb, who fronted a band from NYC called Furious George; that was also the name of his column.

Fast forward. A few years back, Tabb moved to the 'Nix, and got a job with New Times, writing a column (again) named Furious George. I was thrilled, we met, I told him the influence he'd had on me, and he (courteously, I'm sure) told me he'd been reading my shit for a long time.

Background over. Thing is, George lived across the street from the World Trade Center in TriBeCa when the planes hit, and he's been sick pretty much ever since. The videos below are from a recent MSNBC segment with Brian Williams. The links above will take you to his myspace account and you can find out more. Truth is, one of my heroes is sick as fuck because of the government's negligence. But look into it yourself, see what you think.

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