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Future Loves Past on Their New EP and Release Party With 14 of Their Closest Local Artist Friends

​​For the past year, Future Loves Past has been playing around town, rocking the Valley with their '70s rock-meets-indie sound, but something was missing.
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They built up a solid fan base, but those fans couldn't really hear the band outside of local shows. Now, with the release of their first EP, a self-titled disc, fans can actually physically hold and download their music. 

Plus, they're throwing a hell of a party Saturday. Fourteen local players, including Dry River Yacht Club, Mergence, Banana Gun, Japhy's Descent and more, will join in their release celebration at Sail Inn, starting at 4:30 p.m.

We spoke with singer and guitarist Mike Anderson about their big bash, the pressure for perfection and what's in the future for Future Loves Past.

Up on the Sun: You guys have been playing around town as Future Loves Past the past year or so, but this is your first EP. Why the wait? 

We had been playing so many shows. We didn't have much time to actually sit and get it done. We formed as a band on a Monday and played our first show that Friday. From that point on it was just busy for us. Then, once we finally did start recording we started re-writing and tweaking the songs here and there. Then, when things were finally finished up, we wanted the EP release to be big. We wanted it to be fun. We wanted all the great bands in Tempe to come share the event with us. Scheduling 14 busy bands meant that we just had to wait for all of our schedules to clear.
Being that this is your physical debut, is there any pressure to make sure the songs are a perfect representation of the band? 

No pressure really. We think the songs are a good representation of what we try to do live. There are obviously some things you can pull off in a studio that you may not be able to do on stage, but we are very cautious about not going that route. We want to deliver on stage what we can do in a studio. There are six of us, so that helps.

Are the songs on the EP entirely new songs, or are they songs you've been playing around with for awhile?

We've been playing these songs since the bands beginning, though they have evolved over the course of the year. We had been playing so many shows that it wasn't until we started recording the songs that we were able to collectively make them everything we wanted. These four songs have become staples in our set. 

I've read quite a few descriptions of your music. Almost all of them mention that your sound is like something from the '70s. Do you agree? Who are the bands influencing that sound? 

Yes, it does have somewhat of a '70s sound to it. I can't name many specific artists to point to. All six of us have different influences and writing styles which ultimately leads to our sound. Fortunately for all of us, having different musical tastes and backgrounds we are naturally able to sound like ourselves and it's all still cohesive. We didn't want to sound like anyone else, things just fell into place. 

The EP release show is going to be pretty huge. Are all of these bands friends of yours? 

Yes, these are all bands we have been playing with for the past year. We all support each other and play together on a regular basis. We are really happy to do this event with such good friends and bands. Tempe really has a good thing going on right now.

It's interesting that you chose to get away a vinyl EP at the door rather than a CD. Why vinyl?

Actually there is a CD that comes with the vinyl, but we chose to include the vinyl because there is some sort of magic in the textural and audio quality of vinyl that cannot be found on anything else.

Where can people download or purchase the EP? 

Right now it is streaming online for free at http://www.futurelovespast.bandcamp.com on Saturday we will have it available on vinyl and CD, and will be on iTunes shortly after. 

What kind of initial feedback have you received from the EP so far? 

So far no complaints. [Laughs] I think everyone of us and our fans really enjoy it. I think everyone is excited to experience at home or in their car, [when] up until this point they were only able to experience at a live show.

What kind of plans do you guys have for the future? 

We'll keep writing music and keep playing shows. We'll also hopefully start up another EP pretty quickly. We've got a lot of material we'd like to record. We'd also like to start playing some other markets as well. Initially, mostly West Coast cities.

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