Future Shock: Beck, Ani DiFranco, EdgeFest 2008, and more

By Niki D’Andrea

Here are a handful of concerts that were just announced this week.

Beck With MGMT Monday, September 22, 7:30 p.m. Dodge Theatre $38.50-$42.50 www.livenation.com

Eclectic pop auteur Beck’s latest album, Modern Guilt, has all the trappings of an alt. rock hit -- production by Danger Mouse, two guest appearances by Cat Power (the songs “Orphans” and “Walls”), and song titles like “Gamma Ray” and “Profanity Prayers.” The album also fulfills Beck’s contract with Interscope Records, leaving the early indie star open for a bidding war.

Random band fact: Beck is a devout Scientologist.

Below: The video for Beck’s song, “Girl.”

Lindsey Buckingham Thursday, September 18, 7:30 p.m. Orpheum Theatre $39.50 www.livenation.com

Perhaps one of the most underrated guitarists and producers of all time, Buckingham is touring in support of his upcoming solo record, Gift of Screws (set for release September 18). As a member of Fleetwood Mac, Buckingham’s contributed more than his share of hits (“Go Your Own Way,” “Big Love,” “Tusk”), but as a solo artist, his biggest hit was the #9 U.S. Billboard single “Trouble” in 1981. Not that Buckingham cares about numbers -- he’s said more than once that he’s “The Terrence Malick of rock,” a comparison to the critically respected (but culturally underrated) film director.

Random band fact: Lindsey’s brother Greg won a silver medal in swimming (the men’s 200 metres individual medley) at the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City.

Below: Buckingham’s performance of “Big Love” from Fleetwood Mac’s The Dance concert DVD.

Ani DiFranco Wednesday, September 24, 8 p.m. Celebrity Theatre $32 www.celebritytheatre.com

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  • Tuesday, Nov. 12, 2019 / 7:00pm @ The Crescent Ballroom - Phoenix 308 N. 2nd Avenue Phoenix AZ 85003
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  • Tuesday, Nov. 12, 2019 / 7:00pm @ Pub Rock 8005 E. Roosevelt St Scottsdale AZ 85257
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  • Tuesday, Nov. 12, 2019 / 7:30pm @ Mesa Arts Center - Piper Repertory Theater 1 East Main Street Mesa AZ 85211
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Since she’s become a mother (she gave birth to her daughter Petah in January of 2007), folk-punk-funk artist DiFranco has toured less than ever before. Gone are the days when she’d spend 300 days a year lugging her acoustic guitar all over the country in a minivan. These days, she’s more than happy to continue releasing albums on her own Righteous Babe Records label (Red Letter Year, her 18th studio album, is forthcoming), and do handfuls of show dates when she can. It’s been a couple years since DiFranco played Phoenix, and this show is scheduled for a “half capacity” setup, so chances are, it’ll sell out quickly.

Random band fact: DiFranco won a Grammy Award for Best Recording Package for her 2003 album, Evolve.

Below: DiFranco performs “Hypnotized” on The Henry Rollins Show.

Digital Summer With Signs of Betrayal, ShallowPoint, The Asylum, and Laconic Saturday, September 6, 6 p.m. Marquee Theatre $10-$12 www.digitalsummer.com

As Benjamin Leatherman wrote in his recent cover story on local hard rockers Digital Summer, they are one of the few local bands that can book a headlining gig at the spacious Marquee Theatre and actually sell it out. The band’s slick shtick of mid-to-late ‘90s hard-edged radio rock (a la Staind and Linkin Park) has garnered them hordes of fans in Phoenix. The relentless street team promotions probably don’t hurt, either, and the band includes some super cute fire fighters and paramedics to boot.

Random band fact: DS singer Kyle Winterstein and guitarist Johnmark Cenfield used to play in the band Shaded Grey together.

Below: The video for Digital Summer’s song “Rescue Me.”

EdgeFest 2008 Featuring Atmosphere, Flobots, Flogging Molly, Gogol Bordello, The Kooks, Mickey Avalon, NOFX, Pennywise, Reverend Horton Heat, Rise Against, Thrice, and more. Saturday, September 27, 10 a.m. Schnepf Farms $45-$150 www.luckymanonline.com

This year’s EdgeFest bill may be the best ever -- in addition to veteran punk faves like NOFX and Pennywise, the festival includes new hip-hop fusion sensations Flobots alongside punka-rockabilly legend Reverend Horton Heat and Irish rockers Flogging Molly. Even though it’ll still be hotter than Hades in September and Schnepf Farms is way out in Queen Creek, it’s hard to go wrong with a lineup like this.

Random band fact: Before forming Flogging Molly, singer Dave King was the vocalist for Fastway, a heavy metal band that provided the soundtrack to the cheesy horror flick Trick or Treat.

Below: Reverend Horton Heat performs “Baddest of the Bad” live.

Henry Rollins Wednesday, October 8, 6:30 p.m. Marquee Theatre $25 www.luckymanonline.com

Henry Rollins is truly a jack of all trades. In addition to exerting a huge influence on the ‘80s punk scene through his band Black Flag, he’s had success as an actor, an author, a television show host, and a spoken word artist. It’s the latter trade that brings Rollins to Phoenix, as he tours in support of his 2008 spoken word album, Provoked.

Random band fact: Rollins allegedly lost his virginity to goth-punk rocker (and fellow spoken word artist) Lydia Lunch.

Below: Henry Rollins talks about how he hates dating.

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