Futurekind at Last Exit

By Jonathan McNamara

Last Wednesday, Music Editor Martin Cizmar gave mention of Futurekind's CD release party held at Last Exit this past Friday. Always on the look out for a new source of sonic sensation, I took his advice and checked them out for myself.

Now you can too even if you didn't make it to the set on Friday night:

I was under the impression that I was going to see another band typical of Last Exit...until they brought out a full on set of bells and laid a cello bow across it. Futurekind held a packed house enthralled by their audio vibrations. Rather than take the top 40 path of gradual build up to the immediate gratification release into full on rock, the band focused on enjoying the moment.

On their myspace page, Futurekind lists Massive Attack, Thievery Corporation and even Peter Gabriel as some of their musical influences, but Bjork seems to be missing from the list. Singer Thalia Williams has certainly taken a few moves from the Icelandic Princess' play book, but more than that Futurekind is a band that paints soundscapes more than they write pop songs.

Call them what you will whether it's soundscapists or even electronic-fused mellow rock. I'm calling them one of the more interesting acts I've seen at Last Exit.

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Jonathan McNamara