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FutureKind @ Rogue Bar

The writer in charge of FutureKind's Facebook biography has a lot to say. This is not standard press-kit chatter; this is three-syllable-plus words that could put your everyday thesaurus user to shame, terms like "artisanal," "amalgam," and "visceral." We're not talking about the most-mind blowing cheese to ever hit your palate here — we're talking about a Phoenix band. A solid one, sure, but there's something to be said for letting the music do the talking. And just days before the dream-pop band's EP release show for Spines at Pub Rock Live (Saturday, Feburary 23), FutureKind is doing just that. Slowly giving their fans a taste of the dreamy, spaced-out pop they've come to be known for in local music circles, FutureKind has hit us with "All Done," laced with singer Thalia Williams' sweet-meets-sassy vocals, and "Slow Build," a lo-fi, Best Coast-inspired jam that shows off the band's layered sounds. Though the band has been playing gigs around Phoenix since the mid-2000s, they had only one record under their belt, 2008's Surround. Williams and the boys have worked hard, playing regularly at just about every local venue over the past few years. Here's to letting the music do the talking for the next record, too. It speaks volumes.

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Christina Caldwell