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Game (he dropped the "The" for his new album) has a new album coming out in August. It might actually be pretty good. I was a) convinced he was quitting rap after his 2008 album, LAX, partially because Game told everyone he would, and b) under the assumption that moribund gangsta rap was no longer capable of producing anything meaningful. There wasn't much hope for the gat-and-blunt crowd when rappers went on the radio to talk about their feelings and TBS pimped a new sitcom produced by a smiling Ice Cube. Still, Game is as skilled as ever at appearing hard — he seemingly maintains a beef with every English-language rapper still aboveground. Though battling former Luniz member Yukmouth is probably more a distraction than a boost to Game's rep, Game's actually an intriguing character when he's matched with the right producer — and The R.E.D. Album features a few tracks from the Neptunes, Dr. Dre, and others. Will any of this translate to a great concert? Hard to say, but there's some comfort in knowing that the beats booming from the speakers will at least be interesting, and with nearly all the intimidating rappers of the past more concerned with their 401(k)s than rapping, it's good to know Game is still detailing the perils of Compton.
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