Gang Gang Dance -- Eye Contact

Fleet Foxes kicked May off in the proper fashion, releasing what I consider to be the year's best album thus far. In only a week's time, however, New York experimental rockers Gang Gang Dance will unleash their beast of an album, Eye Contact.

Lucky for us, the fine blokes at NME are offering a full album stream of Eye Contact until its release date on May 10.

We've had the 11-minute lead single "Glass Jar" for a few months, itself the perfect indicator of how Eye Contact was to build on the momentum of Gang Gang Dance's last album, 2008's well-received St. Dymphna. Both albums are truly anything but normal, and that is a wondrous thing.

"Glass Jar" is a brilliant lead track, building a torrid momentum that allows songs like "Adult Goth" and "Romance Layers" to mind the gap while being indescribably amazing in their own right. Gang Gang Dance truly is on their own level with Eye Contact, and there's really not much else I can say about the album that can't be conveyed by listening to the stream above.

Eye Contact is out 5/10 via 4AD. May is throwing down proper, son!

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