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Geek Beat: Atomic Comics Anime Fest + Transformers News

So, it was no surprise to find a few familiar faces at this past Saturday's Anime Fest at the Atomic Comics Paradise Valley location. The venue was packed with teens playing Anime-themed games like Anime Password and Project Anime, thumbing through the $4 bargain bins (tip: the Atomic Comics PV Store is moving, so look for huge sales!) and watching Naruto or One-Piece on the flatscreen. The event culminated in a cosplay contest held by the Saboten-Con Street Team. Yeah, they actually have a Street Team. And they're brutal. Is your Dragonball Z missing a patch? No black eyeliner with that "L" getup? No prizes for you!  

More cosplay pics and a special surprise for Transformers fans after the jump. Trust us, you won't want to miss this!   

Judged by a panel of three guests including a Saboten-Con rep, a seamstress and a props master, each entrant in the contest paraded by for an inspection. Costumes were required to be at least 80% homemade to win the top prizes, although you could score an honorable mention for altered thrift store costumes and intricate props.

A contestant shows off her legs, er, leggings for the judges.



Elena's cute, sexy Vocaloid outfit was a hit with the judges and the audience (especially the male audience). Unlike some private contests and con masquerades, there was a strict PG-13 max rating on costumes -- so this was as risque as it got.

Spence scored a win with a long, Valley Girl-esque monologue and this Poland costume from Axis Powers Hetalia.

Others just came for the pizza. And believe it or not, there were strict costuming rules to score any of the saucy, cheesy goodness. So, if you're hoping for a free slice at the next Saboten-con contest, better bone up on your sewing and makeup skills first. 

What's the big Transformers news? Atomic Comics is hosting a Transformers costume contest this Friday at their Mesa store. They're looking for mega-fans with mega-costumes. Flashing lights. Moving parts. Voice changers. Geeks, you know what to do... and we'll be there to catch you in action.

Look for a (hopefully) kick-ass slideshow in next week's Geek Beat!

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