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Genre @ Brick

Despite possessing such a nondescript moniker, local act Genre sure has a lot to stand for. The group has big ideas and a penchant for taking its music very seriously. "There are things holding humans back that prevent trueness and goodness from being the norm," says singer and synth player Corey Gomez. "Genre rejects this. Genre does not want to replace The Man; we want to destroy it." It's pretty ambitious talk from a band that started in 2008 as a standard cover band, but Genre has expanded its musical palette to accompany its grandiose statements. You never know what you're going to get with a Genre show — the band members often switch instruments, and they're not always the conventional kind. Everything from GameBoys and drum machines to toy microphones and iPods are employed onstage, and to make sure no one gets bored, the band members always try to incorporate fun banter between songs. Not that the band's statements are always lighthearted. "Genre exists not as just a band, but as a message," Gomez says. "Any listener interested in truth in the universe can respond."

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Nicki Escudero
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