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George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic

It's understandable if fans are apprehensive about seeing a George Clinton performance in the year 2010. After all, the man turns 69 years old this summer, and there's a point where the line between "playful eccentricity" and "rampant senility" start to blur. Reports of fellow funk icon and frequent Clinton collaborator Sly Stone's bizarre, rambling (albeit memorable) Coachella performance this year don't exactly inspire confidence. But by all accounts, Clinton's live performances are still solid, even if he's had a tough year — his son, George Clinton Jr., died in February. Clinton is leading the latest incarnation of Parliament Funkadelic on a month-and-a-half long U.S. tour. With bandmates sporting nicknames like "Poo-Poo Man" and "Sir Nose," who'd want to slow down? He's still recording, too: In 2008, he released George Clinton and His Gangsters of Love, boasting guest appearances by impressive names including Carlos Santana, RZA, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. He mentioned earlier this year that he finished an album with Stone, but it hasn't surfaced yet — maybe that's for the best. In any event, a Clinton show is sure to be an energetic evening, and a chance both to see a Rock and Roll Hall of Famer in person and hear the word "booty" a lot.
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Albert Ching
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