George Strait at US Airways Center, 2/3/12

George Strait US Airways Center Friday, February 3, 2012

Wow, I truly underestimated the amount of country fans in Arizona.

Rising to their feet for the only and only "King of Country," George Strait walked onto the stage and the crowd went crazy. They whistled so loud that my ears continue to ring and women of all ages screamed out, "I love you, George!"

Now I understand why my mom is so jealous of me. Strait is every cowgirl's heartthrob.

With a catalog as loaded with great songs, how can Strait possibly decide what to play each night? The crowd didn't seem picky; whatever tune he played the crowd loved it. Even new tune got the audience dancing. Too bad there wasn't enough room for couples to country two-step.

Strait wore his normal button up shirt tucked into his Wrangler jeans, belt buckle, boots and cowboy hat to top it off. Looking like he always does, Strait is a perfect example of an artist immune to trends or flavor of the week attitudes. He looks -- and sounds -- like he always has.

Strait's voice sounded exactly like he did when I first ever heard my first Strait song, "She'll Leave You With A Smile." It was very refreshing to hear, and brought back great memories. And it made me miss home.

I love me some George Strait, but I wasn't expecting that great of a performance or turn out. Not a seat seemed to be empty, unless that person was standing up dancing. Strait made a real connection with the crowd. His songs always told a story and it was easily understood by the crowd.

Backed by an excellent band, "The George Strait Band," Ace in the Hole, the "King of Country" brought back the honky-tonk days and turned up the twang.

Hats go off the Strait. Literally, hats went off to him.

Critics Notebook:

Last Night: George Strait at US Airways Personal Bias: Yes, I am from Texas. So is George Strait. Make the connection yet?

Crowd: Diehard country music lovers. Boots and beer all around.

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