George Strait, Raves, and Modified Arts Over the Weekend

George Strait at Phoenix's US Airways Center For a guy who hasn't filled out a W2 in 30-plus years, George Strait sure can sing the working man's music. Opening with "Twang," the title track off his latest studio album -- his twenty-sixth, if you can believe it -- the "King of Country," set a laid-back but celebratory tone perfect for Super Bowl weekend's Friday night...full story

See: George Strait in photos.

Electro-Self and Prototype: One Weekend, Two Raves That's right! We got down to not one, but two raves this weekend. Electro-Self on Friday night and Prototype on Saturday evening. Check out shots from both including a performance by Hyper Crush...See Photos

Modified Arts: "Looking Back on the Future" Great Sampling of Phoenix's Art History Our surprisingly significant contemporary art scene is on display via artwork and advertising pieces at Modified Arts in "Modified Arts: Looking Back on the Future," curated by the gallery's new director, Kim Larkin, a non-native who parachuted into our fair burg recently to take over management of Kimber Lanning's iconic space...full story

See: "Looking Back on the Future" in photos.

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Jonathan McNamara