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Georgie James

For an indie-pop group, Georgie James has had a rapid ascent, and they deserve it. Former Q and Not U drummer John Davis put his head together with the band's other primary member, fellow Washington, D.C., songwriter Laura Burhenn, in 2005. Before long, they were opening for Camera Obscura on tour, and now we have Places, their deceptively good-natured, addictive debut on Saddle Creek Records. Songs like "Look Me Up," "Only 'Cause You're Young" and "More Lights" are radio-ready, pop perfection, even though their lyrics speak to relationship discord and unease. Burhenn plays the piano, Davis plays bass, guitar, and drums, and they both sing, sonically evoking '50s and '60s pop akin to the Beatles and the Beach Boys. Emotionally, they recall the most substantial and elegant work of Fleetwood Mac and Saddle Creek labelmates Bright Eyes. The beauty of Georgie James is that they're able to make you feel blissful or make you feel like shit — whichever you're in the mood for.
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Ben Westhoff
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