Get A Preview Of Treasure Mammal's New Split Seven-Inch Before Tomorrow Night's Release Party

By Benjamin Leatherman

Treasure Mammal's Abe Gil in action.

If we had to put together our top 10 favorite local bands to see live, Treasure Mammal would undoubtedly be somewhere on said list. It's because Abelardo Gil III, the hyperactive dynamo behind the one-man spazz-tronica outfit, always puts on an entertaining show without fail.

As our gal about town Lilia Menconi oh-so perfectly summed up in this week's issue of the Phoenix New Times, Treasure Mammal's sound is "part electronic, part soul, part motivational speaking, and mostly magic." During his innumerable gigs over the past half-decade, Gil - who's typically clad into some bizarre outfit usually consisting of garishly bright colors and some form of spandex - will leap or strut around local music venues like the Trunk Space ot Modified Arts in something akin to spastic gymnastics.

Want a sample of the Mammal's sound? Gil's provided us with an MP3 version of two songs off of a new seven-inch split he created with Texas experimental outfit The Numerators, which you can download after the jump.

If you've never been fortunate to witness the dood in action, head to the Trunk Space (1506 Grand Ave.) on Saturday night as Gil will be holding a combination five-year anniversary fete and release party for the split.

Said record features the goofy track "Amethyst," as well as an updated version of "Spring Break," his gloriously foul ode to annual alcohol-fueled getaways by college kids and frat dwellers that was originally featured on his 2004 album Secret Treasure.

Here's a sample of some of the ribald lyrics from the latter song: "Ecstasy of Saint Teresa/My name is Abe and I'm please to meetcha/I've got secrets that gotta stay in Rocky Point!/I've got secrets that gotta stay in Cancun!/Is it Cancun or is it Can-poon?/Is it Bangkok or is it Dick's cock?"

Click here hear/download the MP3 file (7.18M).

The show starts at 7 p.m. and also features gigs by Fertile Crescent, Andrew Jackson Jihad, Fathers Day, Soft Shoulder, and the quasi-barbershop quartet Coal Mine Canaries. Admission is $7 and includes a free copy of the split. Call 602-256-6006 or hit up the Trunk Space's Web site in case you need directions. 

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Benjamin Leatherman is a staff writer at Phoenix New Times. He covers local nightlife, music, culture, geekery, and fringe pursuits.