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Get Up Kids Releasing New Album

This news should make some sad kids a little happier at the start of Halloween Weekend: Kansas City's emo legends The Get Up Kids will put out a new record in January 2011.

There Are Rules will become the the band's fifth full-length and is set to be self-released on an imprint called Quality Hill Records. It's the band's first record in seven years, since Guilt Show.

The Get Up Kids returned last year for an anniversary tour for Something To Write Home About (read our review of the Tempe show here). According to the press release announcing the new album, the band so enjoyed the tour that they decided to hit the studio.

"This record came together really organically. We'd throw out an idea and if it didn't work after 30 minutes we'd scrap it and move on to another one. We all wrote together really spontaneously and then fleshed it out with Ed in the studio," says singer Matt Pryor.

Here's what will be on the album:

There Are Rules Track List:

1. Tithe
2. Regent's Court
3. Shatter Your Lungs
4. Automatic
5. Pararelevant
6. Rally 'Round the Fool
7. Better Lie
8. Keith Case
9. The Widow Paris
10. Birmingham
11. When It Dies
12. Rememorable

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