Gettin’ Diddy with It

By Niki D’Andrea

Diddy’s in town to throw his bling around for Super Bowl weekend, and you can bet your badonkadonk we’ll be partying with him. Thursday, January 31 is the New Times' official party, “Super Thursday” at Axis/Radius, and Diddy is set to perform for an hour and a half, along with sets by hip-hop stars Next and Valley rapper Pokafase. Not only will I be there in full regalia (that’s right, I’m actually ditching the ponytail/leather jacket look for once), but I’ll be accompanied by independent singer/songwriter Jody Gnant, who’ll be shooting exclusive video footage for this very blog.

Diddy does Phoenix on Thursday, January 31.

So what sorts of things might you see on our blogs and video clips from Super Thursday? Well, in addition to my usual music geek banter about the performances, there’s gonna be a whole slew of celebrities coming down the red carpet for the event, and Jody will be there to capture the entrances of such expected luminaries as Justin Timberlake, Vanessa Minnillo, Alice Cooper, Wilmer Valderamma, Brooke Burke, Lance Armstrong, Michael Jordan and Dale Earnhart, Jr..

After the red carpet excitement, we’ll be taking in live music from Next, Pokafase, and Diddy on the outdoor stages surrounding Axis/Radius, while Nick Lachey and NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson host the Super Skins Celebrity Golf Classic inside the venue. We’ll also have VIP access at the event, so you never know who we might run into. Our plan is to be in the thick of it, and mix it up for all of you.

Jody Gnant (photo by Dawn Rosa Cole)

Expect some fun video clips and commentary from myself and Jody, who’s well on her way to becoming one of those newfangled “Internet celebrities.” If you’re not familiar with Jody, she’s been streaming her life 24/7 -- live and in real-time -- on the Internet for the past six months. You can check out her lifecast at www.jodygnant.tv.

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