Ghosts and Their Machines

ghostlife.jpg It's pretty goddamn rare that when I get a random local CD with only my name printed on a white slip-sleeve and a flyer for an upcoming show in it that the band's any good. Actually, sometimes it's rare that the disc will get more than thirty seconds of playing time, especially if I haven't heard of the band before. But there are always exceptions to the rule.

I received exactly what I described above at the New Times office, apparently dropped off there because it wasn't in an envelope. Two songs, a preview of an upcoming EP, are all that were on there. The band is called Ghostlife, and out of boredom my brother and I popped it into his car's CD player, and were subsequently (and surprisingly) impressed (my brother is a sound engineer, so I value his opinion professionally). It's definitely got some Cure going on in there, as well as some Radiohead influences, but not so much that it sounds overly derivative. And the drummer kicks ass. Ghostlife is playing a free show this First Friday at a joint called the Bomb Shelter at 623 N. 4th Street downtown, so if you like these tracks, check 'em out.

Ghostlife - "Red Pillow"

Ghostlife - "A.M. Invasion"

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