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Giant Drag, and Devendra Banhart

Although L.A. boy-girl duo Giant Drag say on their MySpace page that they sound like "crap," you can rest assured that, in actuality, they don't. Singer/guitarist Annie Hardy and drummer-synth player Micah Calabrese create brutally honest, clever little numbers with titles like "You're Full of Shit (Check Out My Sweet Riffs)" and "Kevin Is Gay" (from 2005's cutely titled album Hearts & Unicorns). Bearded headliner Devendra Banhart is not quite so crass, but his folky singer-songwriter fare is just as honest and quirky. Strumming songs from his latest disc, Cripple Crow, Banhart brings a sense of New Age wonder to his music, not to mention his appearance. With Giant Drag offering songs that feature the word "meow" as lyrics and Banhart backed by a band called the Hairy Fairy, this is sure to be a memorable show. Just don't forget your energy crystals and yoga mat.
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Emily Zemler