Gift Of Destiny's "FU1070": Tempe Metal Band's Anti-SB 1070 Track

It's been nearly a year since Governor Jan Brewer signed SB 1070 into law, unleashing a shitstorm that's still going although the law was blocked by courts and will likely never take effect in any meaningful way.

While The Sound Strike, the organization promoting a boycott of Arizona led by out-of-state interests, has managed to release one track bashing the law, Phoenix New Times put out a full benefit compilation called A Line In The Sand within a matter of weeks. 

We're pretty proud of our compilation, which kicked off with a stellar track called "Lady Liberty" from Andrew Jackson Jihad and also featured diverse tracks from Willy Northpole, Kirkwood Dellinger, Peachcake and River Jones. However, we didn't get an submissions from the strong local metal scene, which is one reason why it's so cool to hear Gift Of Destiny's Track "FU1070."

The band's song "Raise Some Hell" recently won a contest from local radio station 98 KUPD playdio and also opened a show sponsored by the station. Then, the band's song "Rock Wars" won a listener contest by beating out Avenged Sevenfold with calls and tweets.

"One of the last songs we recorded is a song called FU1070 which basically has to do with the SB1070 immigration law. Our singer is Hispanic and the verse lyrics are partially in Spanish," said band member Mikey H.

Check out "FU1070" below or go here to buy the band's record.

Gift Of Destiny - FU1070 by mmcizmar

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.