Gin Blossoms' Ex-Drummer Scott Kusmirek Starts New Band Vinyl Station (+Mp3)

Gin Blossoms' Ex-Drummer Scott Kusmirek Starts New Band Vinyl Station (+Mp3)

Drummer Scott Kusmirek -- who did two stints with the Gin Blossoms in the midst of the band's feud with Phillip Rhodes, the drummer they rode to prominence in the early 90s -- has a new project.

"The Kooze's" new band is called Vinyl Station and an "indie-rock" trio also featuring bassist Darell Colton and frontman Matthew Thornton, best known for totally looking like Matthew Sweet.

The band has a gig this Friday, January 14, at the Compound Grill in Scottsdale.

The band compares their sound to Wilco, Ryan Adams, and U2  -- you can be the judge, we've got an mp3 below -- and there's definitely enough jangle in the guitars to appeal to longtime fans of the "Tempe Sound."

About their association with the Tempe Sound: The Kooze drummed for the Blossoms in the early '00s after Rhodes suffered "a meltdown due to his ongoing battle with alcohol." In line with the band's longstanding policies regarding members suffering through substance abuse, he was axed while in rehab. Kusmirek was behind the stool from 2002 to 2004. In 2005, Rhodes had been sober for over two years, so he was allowed back in. He was booted again and Kusmirek stuck around until 2008 when the John Richardson was brought on board.

Crazy, right? Anyway, here's that Mp3.

Vinyl Station - The Streets

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