Glee + Britney Spears = More Ways to Piss Off Music Critics

While it may be the opinion of the majority of Up on the Sun writers that Glee represents everything that is awful about the world of popular music, and even popular culture, the show's producers seem to have found yet another way to piss off music critics everywhere. According to Idolator and Entertainment Tonight, Glee is planning a theme episode that revolves entirely around the music of Britney Spears. They've also got similar shows lined up in the future, featuring the music of other artists. Entertainment Tonight online has said, "The hit show, earning 19 Emmy noms Thursday, will also air a big tribute episode after next year's Super Bowl, but Murphy didn't reveal which star it will be based on, only hinting that we were 'close' by guessing Michael Jackson." So critics, professional and amateur alike, should have plenty of complaining material stockpiled for the next six to nine months.

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