Glen Campbell, Pusha T, The Darkness, and "I Am AZ Music" Over the Weekend

Glen Campbell at Comerica Theatre

Going in, there was a fear that Glen Campbell's Goodbye Tour concert would devolve into little more than a nostalgia act. That Campbell, struggling with the early onset of Alzheimer's disease, would duly try his best to work through carefully guarded and pre-arranged songs with the minimum effort.

Fortunately, those fears were laid to rest with the opening number, "Gentle On My Mind." Campbell, dressed in black pants, boots, shirt and sparkly jacket, tightened his jaw and completely nailed the solo -- though he looked a little relived when it was over.

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VICE Magazine's Project X Party with Pusha T at Clubhouse Music Venue

VICE Magazine put on a special sneak preview of high school party flick Project X in Tempe on Sunday, February 19, and then followed it up with a potent party of their own at the Clubhouse Music Venue. Rapper Pusha T and hipster selecter Jesse Marco performed while the crowd drank beer and booze from (fittingly enough) from red plastic cups.

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The Darkness at Celebrity Theatre

The Darkness is doing pretty well for a band that could be a considered a one-hit wonder. After a five-year hiatus and some rehab visits, the band is back in full force with its original lineup.

They still look trapped in the '70s, too, with frontman Justin Hawkins sporting a mess of curly blond hair and a bare, tattooed chest that he's all too eager to expose. He made lots of jokes about being naked, which wasn't that surprising after seeing his blurred out bum in the "I Believe in a Thing Called Love" video. His brother Dan Hawkins shared guitar duty and headbanged more than the standard metalhead at a Metallica show. Frankie Poullain is back in the band, now dressed like a bizarre version of Jimi Hendrix or MGMT's Andrew VanWyngarden.

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Musical Instrument Museum Debuts "I Am AZ Music" Exhibit

​On Saturday, February 18, the Musical Instrument Museum debuted its "I Am AZ Music" exhibit, featuring over 40 installations that examine the scope and history of music in Arizona in celebration of the State's centennial. Reggae artist Walt Richardson performed, as well as psychedelic soul band What Laura Says. Deon Doughty, Such Styles, and Champ created art outside while the music filled the air, and visitors browsed through MIM's collection of guitars, memorabilia, photos, and musical equipment. The exhibit will run for one year, ending in January 2013.

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Jason P. Woodbury is a music and pop-culture writer based in Phoenix. He is a regular contributor to the music blog Aquarium Drunkard and co-host of the Transmissions podcast.