Glendale Outfit Cold Blooded Theory Added to the Metal Alliance Tour

Glendale metal band Cold Blooded Theory was fresh off of a show at the Nile Theater Saturday night when they announced that they would be joining Devil Driver and fellow Arizonans Job for a Cowboy at the second annual Metal Alliance Tour.

This year's lineup includes The Faceless, Dying Fetus, 3 Inches of Blood, Impending Doom, and Wretched. For CBT, the event marks a landmark occasion for them, as they'll not only play the Marquee Theater for the first time, they'll be playing alongside bands they grew up watching.

The Metal Alliance Tour goes down Saturday, April 7.

Check out what frontman Jesse Lehner had to say about the event.

Up on the Sun: For those of us who didn't make it out to the Nile last week, how did the show go?

Jesse Lehner: It was just perfect. We didn't headline, but it was a really fun show. A lot of our friends came out, and it was definitely a good show.

Can you talk a little about the Metal Alliance Tour and what it means to be a part of it?

This will be the first time we play at the Marquee Theatre, so it's actually a big deal for us. We've all been there on separate occasions to watch our favorite bands, but we've never played there. We're pretty good friends with a lot of promoters in the Valley, so we got hit up about jumping on it and, of course, there was no way we'd turn it down. It means the world to us, actually playing with bands we grew up listening to, and now finally having the chance to play with them on the big stage is pretty cool.

So before getting a shot at playing the Marquee, what's been your favorite venue to play so far?

Definitely the Nile Theater, where we just played last weekend.

Is there any one band in particular that you guys are excited to be playing with?

Oh, yeah. Job for a Cowboy. We're definitely excited to play with those guys. We're excited to be playing with 3 Inches of Blood, too, and, of course, Faceless. They're a huge band for us.

And what else do you guys have coming up?

We're gonna try and jump on Warped Tour when it comes through Arizona, but we're not sure yet. That's the next goal right now. But we're going to keep touring; hopefully get out on the East Coast, because we pretty much have the West Coast down. Between that and writing a new full-length, that's about it for right now.

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