Go Go's Release Statement on Lilith Fair Cancellation, Arizona Republic Finally Cites Source (Us, Natch)

Phoenix's Lilith Fair concert was scrapped last week though the reason why still seems to be a mystery. Headliners The Go Go's released a statement about the cancellation of the Phoenix Lilith Fair date announced Friday. The Arizona Republic has the press release, which sure seems like a cop out.

"The Lilith Fair date scheduled for July 8 in Phoenix has been canceled and refunds can be made at point of purchase," the statement says. "At this time, The Go-Go's have not been informed as to why the show was canceled. We regret the loss of the date on our farewell tour as we know we have many devoted fans in Arizona."

Riiiight. They don't know? Really? As I reported last week (and as the Arizona Republic finally cited us for reporting) Go Go-In-Chief Belinda Carlilse has earlier called for a boycott of Arizona on her Facebook page because of SB 1070, writing that the group "condemn the law and want the date moved."

Late last week I was unwilling to connect the dots -- especially since the tour's founder, Sarah McLachlan just told Billboard that ticket sales are "pretty soft." However this "I do not recall" business makes me much more suspicious. Especially since, as the Republic reports, "A Lilith Fair publicist, reached for comment, said, "There is no further comment on Phoenix."

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