Club Candids

Go Punk Yerself!

When we coughed up the seven bucks to get in the door at PHiX for the "Gothabilly Nitemare Before X-Mas!" show on Saturday, December 16, Grand Avenue was pretty damn quiet. Refusing to be discouraged, we entered the former motorcycle garage turned art and music venue to find an anorexic assembly of people that were more punk than gothabilly. Turns out, there were enough Mohawks and piercings to get some interesting shots and a little silly conversation as the band set up to play.

Most of the PR patrons were there with small groups of friends to hang out and hear the music. Sally Beauty Supply probably made good sales on its Punky Colors hair dye line this week because freshly tinted fluorescent green and pink tresses were proudly sported for the occasion. For all their bad-ass image efforts, the crew was kicked back and casual as they relaxed on crusty couches, waiting for Tucson band The Dead Tones to start busting out their poppy, rockabilly, Misfits-esque tunes. One punk attempted to start a pit by slamming around, but the two people standing next to him just weren't into it. He eventually settled for the head nod and knee bounce combo — the appropriate pace of the night.

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Lilia Menconi
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