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GoGoGo Airheart

Gormandizing a diverse buffet of Stooges, The Clash, Sonic Youth, and Smokey Robinson, GoGoGo Airheart devours, digests and shits out a sound like nobody else. Despite hailing from sun-drenched San Diego, the band's sound is raw, lo-fi and East Coast. For that reason, Omar Rodriguez-Lopez of the Mars Volta handpicked it to headline the touring showcase of bands on the GSL label, which he co-owns. GoGoGo does frantic best -- Mike Vermillion has the vocal sass to match (to have schooled, actually) Chris Hughes of Beep Beep, and bassist Ashish Vyas could entertain crowds solo with his inventive, funky lines. With a new album out just a few months ago (Sing! Rats! Sing!) and three other manic albums to dip into, GoGoGo Airheart may be one of the least boring bands capable of touring the country after nearly 10 years together.
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April Fleming
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