Going to Norah Jones Sunday? Get There Early For Sasha Dobson

Are you planning to see Norah Jones' show at the Dodge Theatre Sunday, April 25, 2010? If you're into jazz you should, since, as Steve Jansen argues in this week's print issue, she's the rare bird who sings as good as she looks. If so, get there early to see the opener, New York-based singer-songwriter Sasha Dobson, who is on the road in support of her new EP Burn, will also play as part of Jones's band.

Dobson is a jazz girl, but she also kinda has a Lucinda Williams vibe in songs like "Make it Alright," and "Family," which you can see above.

Dobson has spent much of her early life performing with the Dobson Family Band and on the NYC jazz scene. Her father, Smith Dobson, and her mother, Gail Dobson, are both professional jazz musicians. She's had a bit of buzz since 2006, when Time Magazine labeled her one of "6 Jazz Singers Worth A Listen" following the release of her last full-length album, Modern Romance (2006).

Dobson is close friends with Jones, sharing writing partners and often playing together in various side projects around New York.

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