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Imagining next year's alt-rock "Class of '96" reunion . . .

"Look over there," says Duncan Sheik to Tracy Bonham. "It's the singer from Dishwalla!"

"Wow," Bonham replies. "Instead of 'Counting Blue Cars,' I hear he's washing blue cars these days."

"Oh, you are so terrible," Sheik says, laughing. "Hey, who's that guy over there by the veggie platter? He looks familiar."

"No way! That's John Feldmann from Goldfinger. Remember, they did that ska-punk thing?" says Bonham. "Hey, John, get over here!!"

"Hey, how've you been? How's your mother, Tracy?" says John.

"Not bad," Bonham replies. "Soooo, haven't heard much from you since 'Here in Your Bedroom' . . . your career in the dumper like the rest of us?"

"Actually, I've been doing quite well for myself. I do A&R for Maverick Records, and I signed and produced The Used and Mest. I also co-wrote Good Charlotte's 'The Anthem' and Ashlee Simpson's 'Giving It All Away.' And Goldfinger's put out a bunch of albums the last 10 years. In fact, our new one, Disconnection Notice, is getting pretty good reviews, and we're still playing to nice-sized crowds. Couldn't be happier. Well, nice to see you two. Good luck!"

"Hmm," Bonham says to Sheik as Feldmann skips away. "Maybe we could write a song for Hilary Duff or something . . ."

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Michael Alan Goldberg