Graf artist-DJs are some of the hippest hyphenates we got goin' on here in the PHX, with peeps like Wet Paint's Jesika Jordan and FreshOut-DaBox's T3PO tagging walls and tearing up turntables across the Valley. But back before these spray-painting spinsters grabbed their first can of flat black, the dope drum 'n' bass deity known as Goldie was working walls and wheeling wax in the U.K. The onetime teenage runaway (born Clifford Price) emerged from the early-'80s hip-hop underground of Wolverhampton, primarily as a graf artist and b-boy (even being featured in Afrika Bambaataa's documentary Bombing). Eventually migrating to the States, Goldie helped the drum 'n' bass genre explode into the national dance scene with such tracks as 1992's "Terminator" and his 1995 album, Timeless. The golden one brings his glittering grill to the Brickhouse Theatre, 1 East Jackson Street, on Friday, March 16, for an all-ages night of banging beats, also featuring MC Question Mark, DFT, Terra, Edgar Allen Ekoe, and Ame Doogan. Doors open at 8 p.m. Admission costs $15 before 11 p.m., $20 afterwards. Call 602-258-7880.
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