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Not only does U.K. rock band Gomez play innovative, soulful music that makes listeners reconsider the talent of some other bands out there, but it's apparently very Internet-savvy, too. The sixsome, whose new album How We Operate recently was released in the U.S., has an actual blog that it updates on a pretty frequent basis. This little of touch of familiarity is particularly affecting from a band that has been around for about the same amount of time as fellow U.K. rockers Radiohead and The Verve. But unlike its peers, who have influenced with spacy, atmospheric songs, Gomez incorporates a bluesy twang à la The Black Keys into its tracks. Album standout "girlshapedlovedrug" is sure to wow the crowd when the group takes the stage. But even if you miss the show, a blog update will certainly follow to make you envy those who were there.
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Emily Zemler