'Good Morning America' Needs to Get a Life, Cancels Adam Lambert

In lieu of the whole, "I'm gay and open and will fondle whomever I darn well please on-stage" performance by Adam Lambert at the American Music Awards this past Sunday, ABC's Good Morning America has canceled an appearance by the fabulously glam singer on tomorrow's show. Because, you know, PDA between men of the same sex is just wrong, y'all.

The show admitted it was Lambert's sexy performance, in which he kissed a band mate and shoved his goodies in front of a dancer's face, that killed his appearance. Even though Britney Spears, who kissed Madonna on-stage at MTV's Video Music Awards, and Miley Cyrus, who grinded on a pole at FOX's Teen Choice Awards, have both appeared on the "wholesome" morning program. Sounds like GMA is a little bit prejudiced.

Lambert gets a chance to comment on the diss on CBS' The Early Show Wednesday instead, and he'll also be performing.

It's refreshing to have an openly gay American singer make such an impact in pop culture, and it's pretty disappointing apparent homophobia is alive and well in major media outlets. With gay marriage (finally) being legalized in places throughout the country, a dude kissing another dude on TV should be embraced, not shunned.


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