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Goodbye Tomorrow

Goodbye Tomorrow might sound like a ridiculously cynical name for a band that hasn't even released its first album, but . . . well, okay, it is. One can't help but imagine that lead singer Travis Bryant and his Phoenix-based crew are on some sort of suicide watch and, judging by their please-stop-staring-at-the-knife-drawer lyrics (hell, they have a song called "Tragedienne"), they have no intention of cheering things up by the time they release their debut LP next January. In fact, maybe that's why they're so damn melancholic: After busting their asses to get the as-yet-untitled album out and dealing with scheduling conundrums, their label, Equal Vision Records, pushed the release date into the new year. That means that the only way to enjoy Goodbye Tomorrow — besides on MySpace, duh — is to buy their self-titled, three-song EP of emo-meets-dream-pop-meets-Damien-Rice's-woe online or at the merchandise table at their shows. You know, like the one opening up for The Receiving End of Sirens this Friday.
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Cole Haddon