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Gorilla Biscuits

If every dark cloud has a silver lining, then the bright side of the imminent closure of legendary NYC club CBGB is chrome-studded rather than silver. When renowned and long-defunct straight-edge pioneers Gorilla Biscuits threw a one-off reunion to try to keep the ailing club's doors open, they had such a great time they decided to become the most recent — and unlikely — band to join the long list of reunion tours. From 1987 to 1991, Gorilla Biscuits used its just-say-no ethos and undeniably goofy name to carry the flag for the New York City straight-edge music movement alongside classic late-'80s sober-core bands like Youth of Today, Side by Side, and Judge. After the breakup, members went on to form Quicksand and CIV before being reunited in 2005 at CBGB. Now it's time for all of the old-timer, straight-edge-loving, NYC-hardcore-hungry peeps to break out the black electrical tape or Sharpies, X-up your hands, and get pinned to the stage and covered with piles of people while singing "Big Mouth" and "Biscuit Power." Good times.
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Casey Lynch