Gorillaz and N.E.R.D. Animatedly Rock Comerica Theatre

People couldn't help but leave the Comerica Theatre last night with giant smiles on their faces. That's because it's pretty difficult not to have fun at a concert where the "band" is animated, and their antics are displayed on-stage above a live performing orchestra. Thank the Gorillaz for that. The alternative group, which blends hip-hop with pop and rock, brought out strings and a Syrian ensemble to complement singer Damon Albarn and his extensive guest list, including Bobby Womack and De La Soul. An energetic N.E.R.D. got the crowd warmed up for Gorillaz' nearly 2-hour set, and it was an eclectic, memorable night. Here is what some fans had to say about the show. (And read our review here.)

@BruceStJames- Damon Albarn is freakin brilliant. Rumor has Lou Reed on stage in LA 2morrow!

- So I wasn't a huge fan of N.E.R.D. before tonight but I have to admit they are great live.

@Mrs_Otacon- Best concert EVER!!! #GORILLAZ

@que_sarahsarah- ohmygod. gorillaz. !!! best concert ever.

@tonythebull- Just saw Gorillaz Phoenix show... great concert...


@erictorres- Thank you @gorillazband for a great Phoenix show/party last night! So rad sonically & visually. (Yea, us Gorillaz fans are a bit different.)

@BromeoH- Best. Live. Show. Ever. Nothing will ever compare to the Gorillaz live. Goodnight world.

@Ashkiiloco- "Welcome to the world of the plastic beach" good show. #Gorillaz Good night

@JermShirley- Oh man, what a show! Epic setlist. Little Dragon. De La Soul. Bobby Womack. Even got to witness the premier of a new song...GORILLAZ

@TwiztedWhisperz- THEY CHANGED THE LYRICS TO CLINT EASTWOOD!!! WTF?!?! Good show, though. Very interesting. Gotta love Gorillaz.

@legooooooo- The Gorillaz put on an amazing show.

@dougiebranson- FUCKING DOPE! Bobby Womack and De La Sol played their part!

@ScottKirchhofer- Wow! Gorillaz were super amazing! Life is wonderful!

@tfetting- Gorillaz set was unreal, such an awesome night, time for some sleep!

@DjRingmasterTMC- wow, what a night :) N.E.R.D. was SICK! And Gorillaz changed my life. Time for sleep. Good night world

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