Gospel Claws Explain "I Can, I Will"

On their

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, local rock band

Gospel Claws

describes their music as "grainy and rough yet still deeply soulful." That's a pretty fitting description; the songs on Gospel Claws' 2010 debut LP,


, embody this aesthetic, as songs like "Summer Nights Lakeside" and "Walk Me Down" juxtapose dreamy melodies with dubious and heady lyrics.

The Gospel Claws song "I Can, I Will" (which is not on C-L-A-W-S, but available as a single on iTunes and Amazon.com) further illustrates the band's propensity for creating melodic metaphors. The song has a dirty surf garage beat similar to The Cramps or a mutation on the classic "Bo Diddley beat", but bursts with upbeat, jangly pop guitars on the chorus. The song was recorded by Bob Hoag at Flying Blanket Recording. Hear the song after the jump, and check out an explanation from the primary songwriter, Joel Marquard.

I Can I Will 
Joel Marquard on "I Can, I Will

: "It's about the end of the world, and what's gonna happen if you die. It's also about trying to stay positive...[It was inspired by] thinking and questioning the existence of God -- [like] the line, 'Will we meet our maker, or just lay and stare?' And the line, 'I slay the beast...on my shoulder,' that's about conquering darkness."

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