The Grammy Awards committee has decided to eliminate 31 award categories. Apparently, 109 categories was finally thought to be a little excessive, according to Prefix.

Grammys Cut Down on Award Categories

Not only have the categories been narrowed down, but some of them have also been combined. It's very likely that this will lead to artists being more competitive with one another, and perhaps more drama and jealousy as well. Based on the new compact categories, I'm expecting fierce attitudes to come between rap and rock soloists and groups, male and female pop artists, pop collaborators and pop duos and groups, and all R&B artists.

What's up with the substantial, or even complete, elimination of certain genres? There will be no more categories whatsoever for urban, alternative, and contemporary music, nor will there be instrumental track categories anymore. Furthermore, nearly half of the categories in American Roots as well as Latin music have been canceled. Way to try to wipe this award show clean of some culture. WTF, Grammys?

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