Green Day Announces Tour Dates (But Not Venues), Phoenix in August

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Green Day announced dates for their 21st Century Breakdown Tour this morning (full list on jump) but haven't said where they'll be playing in each city. They come to Phoenix on August 22. That could just be a hiccup -- bands do sometimes announce dates before venues if one or two are up in the air -- but I think in this case it might actually be that they're not sure where they're playing a lot of places. I don't think anyone quite knows what the appetite for Green Day will be considering they've been huge stars for 15 years, and are coming off a critically acclaimed and commercially successful album, but are also prone to huge slumps (see: Isomniac).

Will they be at arenas (U.S. Airways, Jobing.com), mid-sized theaters (Dodge) or smaller theaters (Marquee)? I honestly can't hazard a guess. I think we'll know better after their album drops on May 15.

Date,   City,   State         Venue
07-03 Seattle, WA          TBA
07-04 Vancouver, BC     TBA
07-06 Edmonton, AB      TBA
07-07 Saskatoon, SAS   TBA
07-09 Winnipeg, MAN    TBA
07-10 Fargo, ND             TBA
07-11 Minneapolis, MN   TBA
07-13 Chicago, IL            TBA
07-14 Detroit, MI             TBA
07-16 Hamilton, ONT       TBA
07-17 Ottawa, ONT         TBA
07-18 Montreal, QUE     TBA
07-20 Boston, MA         TBA
07-21 Philadelphia, PA  TBA
07-22 Pittsburgh, PA     TBA
07-24 Hartford, CT       TBA
07-25 Albany, NY         TBA
07-27 New York, NY    TBA
07-29 Washington, DC    TBA
07-31 Nashville, TN   TBA
08-01 Atlanta, GA          TBA
08-03 Tampa, FL         TBA
08-04 Miami, FL         TBA
08-05 Orlando, FL       TBA
08-07 New Orleans, LA    TBA
08-08 Houston, TX           TBA
08-09 San Antonio, TX    TBA
08-11 St. Louis, MO           TBA
08-12 Kansas City, MO      TBA
08-13 Omaha, NE           TBA
08-15 Denver, CO            TBA
08-16 Salt Lake City, UT   TBA
08-18 San Jose, CA         TBA
08-20 San Diego, CA        TBA
08-21 Las Vegas, NV       TBA
08-22 Phoenix, AZ            TBA
08-24 Sacramento, CA      TBA
08-25 Los Angeles, CA    TBA

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.


Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.